Why is trauma so harmful to us and what makes Thrive treatment so effective? In the videos below, Thrive director Margaret Vasquez explains the effects of trauma on the human brain while offering more detail about the Neuro-Reformatting and Integration (NRI) model and why it brings lasting improvement to Thrive clients.

Watch: Instinctual Trauma Response

The Instinctual Trauma Response Model used by Thrive Trauma Recovery is an evidence-based method that focuses on treating the roots of problems, rather than merely the symptoms. In this way, as Margaret explains, our clients are able to make great and lasting strides in a brief period of time. This is done by directly and intentionally recoding traumatic memories so that they finally feel like they are in the past.

Watch: What Trauma Does

Margaret explains the biology of what happens in the human brain when a person suffers a traumatic experience. This will help you to better understand why painful experiences can cause many different types of symptoms that often don’t improve with traditional counseling or medication.

Watch: What NRI Treatment Does

In this video clip, Margaret explains Neuro-Reformatting and Integration (NRI) treatment to help you better understand why treating trauma in this way can bring great improvement with lasting results in a short period of time.

Watch: Personal Perspective

Margaret speaks about the hope and freedom that she found on the other side of severe anxiety, homelessness and suicidal depression. Her inspiring personal story shows that trauma symptoms don’t have to be a death sentence, and that peace is not just something for others to experience.