How Does Thrive Treatment Work?

Thrive is based on Neuro-Reformatting and Integration (NRI), a method of trauma treatment that uses the Instinctual Trauma Response model to rework how traumatic memories are encoded in the brain. It fosters the client’s connection to himself and reconnection to others through integration work, self-discovery and balanced parenting (for child clients).

In NRI, a comprehensive list of known traumas is made and those are addressed directly and intentionally in a systematic way. The trauma memories are reworked from a right-brain format to a left-brain format that includes all the aspects of the instinctual trauma response. The trauma memories are given order, verbal coding, historical context and an objective, third person view that protects the client from re-experiencing the trauma and fosters the client’s capacity for empathy for himself and others. The client’s strengths are examined in order to help the client see the truth about himself.

Treatment Schedules

Treatment Schedules
Adults9am – 12pm AND/OR 1 – 4pm daily
Children & Adolescents (8 – 17)9am – 12pm OR 1 – 4pm daily
Children (5 – 7)2 hours per day
Children (3 & 4)1 hour per day

Typical treatment lasts five days. If the client is 17 years of age or younger, appointments on first and last days are with parent(s)/caregiver(s) only.

Thrive Trauma Recovery is expanding its services!

We are now offering extended, evening hours as well as an option for weekly, hourly treatment, effective immediately. While the intensive week-long sessions remain the format of choice, these new services will give those in need of treatment more options from which to choose.

Directed at undoing the triggers set up by traumaDirected at problem-solving
Uses directed use of art and/or play therapyUses language and reasoning
Focuses directly and intentionally on the client’s traumatic experiencesFocuses on emotions and behavior
Systematic and comprehensive reformatting of the traumas, so the client is free from the traumatic effects of the pastProblem-solving situations in the present day life of the client
Time-limited (usually one week)Indefinite (often lasts years)
Can be provided to preverbal clients – Adults of all agesCannot be provided to preverbal clients
Helps the client directly unpack traumatic experiences without re-experiencing themOften causes intense emotion in trying to directly address traumas
Works on the biological levelWorks on the level of conscious awareness

More About Treatment

Our intensive outpatient programs provide clients with a means of addressing the roots of a myriad of difficulties in a brief and effective manner. In the one or two weeks of treatment, each person receives individualized treatment based on his or her specific past circumstances and present symptoms and challenges.

Throughout the time of treatment past traumatic events are strategically processed so that they are experienced as past. Integration work affords clients a much greater ability to choose behaviors, situations and circumstances through a positive sense of self.

We use a multimedia approach in order to help clients express themselves. For victims of trauma, this can be a much easier way to communicate than by merely using words. However, in no way does someone need to be an artist to participate in this program. Usually, our clients are not artists at all and neither are we.

Regardless of what traumas you’ve been through or what treatments you’ve tried, you’ve survived and that is evidence that you have a great deal of strength in you – but there is more to life than surviving! Through our method of treatment, there is a way for you to live free of your past hurts and grow to trust yourself. This is essential to becoming the healthiest and happiest you.

The most consistent feedback we receive from adults is that they finally feel free and that it makes them so much better of a spouse, wife, husband, mother, or father. You really are a gift. Working to become the best version of you is one of the most selfless things you can do for those you love. How would your life be different if the significant adults in it were working to be the absolute best that they could have been? It really is possible to end and reverse the cycle of pain in a family!

Trauma affects us – even in ways we aren’t able to realize. Don’t feel as though your traumas or suffering isn’t horrible enough. The experience of trauma is determined by the perception of the individual and varies greatly from person to person, even within a family. You deserve to discover the best version of you. Freedom is possible. Freedom is calling you.

Often times, survivors have a sense that past events are somehow at the root of their pain, but are unable to definitively get past those events and how those thoughts and feelings linger. We provide effective, research-proven help in an intensive, outpatient format that affords clients the opportunity to reclaim their selves and their lives.

The Physical Effects

Events that overwhelm our normal ability to cope can have lasting, detrimental effects on us. The reason is that these difficult events become encoded in such a way that they continue to feel like they are happening. These experiences can lead to physical illnesses, symptoms or triggers.

The Emotional Effects

Many emotional problems can also result from trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociative disorders, phobias, anxiety disorders, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, and more. Many people suffer for years – even decades – with suicidal drives, self-mutilation, flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks, terrible insecurities, and a sense of inferiority.

The Spiritual Effects

It is a tragic reality that many devout people live with ongoing pain and crippling doubt that robs them of true freedom to embrace a life of faith, hope, and love. Unfortunately, the spiritual effects of trauma are not readily recognized. This often leaves the survivors feeling a tremendous sense of shame. However, these symptoms of shame and difficulty in trusting, forgiving, receiving love, or even believing oneself to be worthy of love are also quite treatable.

You are worth the time, energy, money, and hope required for treatment. Regaining yourself is the best gift you can give yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

Back in 2004, we began working with adopted children. Since then, this area of specialization has never failed to be a substantial part of our practice.

The little-understood truth about adopted children is that traumas they experienced prior to adoption remain their reality until those experiences are effectively processed through treatment. With that accomplished through this method of trauma help, the child is finally able to come home to your family and receive the love that led you to them.

Read more about how we’ve helped adopted children move past their painful pasts.