For sixteen years of my life, I exhausted my resources of time, money, and hope trying desperately to find relief from the myriad and confounding effects of trauma. It was a long, dark, and arduous route that, though I do not regret it, I would never wish on anyone. Throughout that time, I strained to make sense of the torment I was experiencing. I read book after book, but found no answers. How had I become so lost in such deep woods? I longed for a map or even a trail of breadcrumbs.

When I finally received real and lasting help, I dedicated myself to helping others who, like me, were seeking freedom from the pain and confusion that trauma brings. Sadly, most people tend to shake their heads and assume victims will be permanently scarred by traumatic events.

My new book, “More Than Words: The Freedom to Thrive After Trauma,” is a line in the sand to trauma. There is a boundary that trauma cannot cross. There is effective treatment, and there is hope. Freedom awaits. ~Margaret Vasquez, LPCC, CTT, CITTI