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Sadly, there are many different types of abuse and neglect.  Many of these come before our eyes daily in news stories, on social media, in the lives of those we love, perhaps even in our own memories.  The  greatest tragedy is that many people suffer on for years and decades, unaware that brief, effective treatment with lasting results is possible.  After 16 years of traditional counseling, I finally found effective treatment.  Those many years had cost me a great deal of suffering, money, and hope.  The freedom I experienced and have been privileged to  bring to others as a therapist, have led me to the firm conviction that we are all born to THRIVE.  It is not just for the few.  It is for us all.

Many of those we’ve treated at THRIVE Trauma Recovery tell us, at the start of treatment, that they’ve tried everything in search of relief from the trauma symptoms they’re experiencing, but are still in pain.  Many more don’t know that the suffering they are enduring is rooted in traumas from their past.  PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), anxiety, depression, oppositional behavior, low self-esteem and many more symptoms hold people bound even decades after painful events.  Regardless of how much or how little treatment you or your loved one has tried and how much or how little trauma knowledge you have, there is freedom from trauma available for you.

On this blog, I’ll be discussing the Neuro-reformatting and Integration (NRI) model of treatment that I developed and have practiced for over a dozen years.  NRI incorporates the Instinctual Trauma Response model of trauma treatment from a connection perspective, since connection is what fuels all aspects of our development throughout our lives and is our deepest source of joy and fulfillment.  I want to help you to increase your understanding of trauma because doing so can increase your understanding of yourself and others, trauma, its effects, the behaviors/suffering it leads to and the fact that it is truly treatable.  You were born to THRIVE!

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